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Creation. Support. Advertising in Russian Internet
Advertising on Discounts!

We offer following web-services

  • Creation new sites.
  • Banners-making (jpg, gif, animation gif, flash).
  • Creation of Russian versions of sites (translation and adaptation of the English or Finnish version, writing of original Russian version).
  • The support of sites modification on a site.
  • Adaptation of Russian pages of sites for the best indexation by Russian search machines (,, etc.).
  • Contextual advertising (keywords) on Russian sites (,, Google AdWords).
  • Other advertising works in Russian segment of Internet (a links exchanges for improvement of site-attendance, a banners exchanges, registration of a site in catalogues and ratings etc.).

Phone in Saint-Petersburg: +7-904-515-69-29

Web-sites: creation, support, Internet advertising in Russia. Banners-making
© , 2006-2008
© , 2006-2008
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