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Regional Information & Analytical Center «Piter-T»
of Alexy Dneprovoy

RIAC «Piter-T» was created in 1999 by Alexey Dneprovoy.

Alexey Dneprovoy is the professional historian and the journalist, the candidate of historical sciences (PhD) (1985), the lecturer, the author more than 100 scientific and publicistic works about the problems of Russian youth, the monarchy of the Russia, other history aspects of Russia (in fact, he has offered a new periodization of history of St.-Petersburg, the original decision of dispute with Japan around of a problem of «northern territories». Alexey Dneprovoy took part in preparation almost 20 textbooks for students and entrants. Work in tourism he beginning in 70-th. He was the guide, the lecturer, took part in active kinds of tourism., In Petersburg tourist industry since 1992. Since October 1993 till January 2006 he was the representative and the correspondent of the All-Russia tourist newspaper «Turinfo» in Petersburg and in Northwest. Daily, releases the electronic newspaper for professionals of tourist industry «Piter-T» the digest of news about tourism, and also the supplement dispatches for marketing and studying of demand for rounds and services of tour agencies of Petersburg.

The basic direction of activity RIAC «Piter-T» is the assistanc to tour agencies in marketing demand for tours and services. RIAC «Piter-T» carries out dispatches among subscribers (tour agencies and the enterprises tourist industry Petersburg and Northwest) the operative info. RIAC «Piter-T» adheres to the ethical principles of dispatch certain by documents and agreements of operators of the market of electronic services in the Europe and America, sending of documents only to the subscribers who wants to receive marketing dispatches, accordance the full information (including phone and e-mail) which can direct refusal of reception of dispatches, and also absence in delivered for studying demand documents atachmets.

RIAC «Piter-T» essentially is not engaged in tourist activity sale of tours to clients and colleagues, therefore «Piter-T» is not the competitor to the subscribers. Ethic way of marketing dispatches «Piter-T» has allowed to create a uniform information field of the tourist market of Petersburg by means of a network the Internet without additional psychological and financial costs from tour agencies.

On site RIAC «Piter-T» ( you can find archives of appendices to the electronic newspaper «Piter-T» (Stock Exchange of hotels and Bulletin), data about services of firm, conditions of a subscription, etc. Questions of a tourist life of Saint-Petersburg can be discussed at forum of site. In section constant partners RIAC «Piter-T» place «The Countries Of The World» «Top Ten Of Tours» on each countries in the list.

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